A&H Proposal workshop October 17

Dear graduate students:

I would like to announce a workshop on proposal writing to take place on Saturday , October 17 between 10.00 and 11.30 am in JO 4.102 ( see here for map http://www.utdallas.edu/locator/JO_4.102 ). The workshop should be of particular interest to students planning to submit their proposals for review by the November 4, 2015  or January 4, 2016 deadlines.

MA portfolio and thesis proposals will be dealt with from 10-10:30, and PhD dissertation proposals will be dealt with 10:30-11:30 . Please attend only the portion of the workshop appropriate to you.

The workshop will cover content, structure, and mechanics of the proposals, as well as the criteria used by the Graduate Studies Committee in evaluating proposals. You will learn what the proposal is and what it does, how to make a strong case for your proposed research project and how to demonstrate that you have the preparation and tools to make it a success. This workshop is organized specifically for students in the School of Arts & Humanities, by the School of Arts & Humanities.

Please RSVP to me no later than Thursday, October 15.

In your RSPV, please note if you are an MA or PhD student and what your concentration is (HIST, HUAS, HUHI, HUMA, HUSL).

Graduate Writing Workshop March 21

A&H Graduate Student Workshop
Topic: Making Your Argument/Refining Your Search
Date and Time:  Thursday, March 21, from 12:00 – 1:30
Location: McDermott Library, MC 2.524

Tomorrow, the Writing Center and the McDermott Library will present the final workshop in their spring 2013 series for A&H graduate students. Join us to learn more about how to construct a logical argument, assume an academic tone, and devise strategies for assembling sources related to your research topic. If you can’t attend the entire session, please feel free to drop by when your schedule permits.

For more information, email Thomasina Hickmann at hickmann@utdallas.edu or go to http://www.utdallas.edu/studentsuccess/writing/index.html