A&H Graduate Programs Information

Please note that this is just a way to keep all the links in one place. This is NOT an official document. I have obviously tried to be accurate, but make no promises, and at best, the information is incomplete. Use at your own peril.

Application information:
Our application requirements are listed here, and the online application is available here. The application deadlines are listed here. Students who are interested in focusing on creative writing or translation studies should apply for the Literature (LIT) programs Information about tuition and fees can be found here, and financial aid information is available here (teaching assistantships) and here (federal financial aid, scholarships, etc).

If you need to change your application, or defer admission you should be able to do so in Orion.

Program information:
You can find discussions about the respective programs and the degree plans here, but as you will see, the degree plan lists what kinds of classes you have to take, not the classes available to choose from. To find out what is offered each semester, see the course descriptions or look at the UT Dallas Course Lookup, which let you perform searches for classes, topics, professors, etc.You can find a list of our faculty here and if you click on their name you get a more detailed description of their background and interests.

New Students:
Once you have been admitted, you must first accept admission (in Galaxy) and make sure you have submitted proof of meningitis vaccination (or proof of not having to show vaccination). Then you contact the Graduate Academic Advisor to set up a meeting for initial advising and registration.

You also need to set up your NetID and UTD email. When you are registered you should go to the Info Depot to get your Comet Card and if you are planning to park on campus you also need a parking pass.

Current Students:

Note that new students, students with admissions requirements, and PhD students in the first two or three semesters have to register through the Graduate Academic Advisor.

If you are not able to register on your own, contact the A&H Graduate Advisor (organized classes), or the Graduate Coordinator (independent study and thesis/dissertation hours). Students in the MA AHST program should consult this page to find out who to contact.

Otherwise, consult your degree plan, the course descriptions, and then go to Galaxy to register. Here you can also check things like grades, previous coursework, and program designation.

Please note you will not be allowed to register until the day and time of your “enrollment appointment.” Check the academic calendar to find out when the enrollment appointments will be posted and then go to Orion on that day to find out when YOU can register.

Progress through the degree:

You will, of course, need to fulfill the requirements for your degree (listed on your degree plan and in the catalog), but equally important is your intellectual growth. Discuss your plans with your academic advisor, but also talk with faculty and your proposed faculty advisor about your direction. Planning for what papers to use for the portfolio (MA) or deciding on the the topic for your thesis can take time, and the faculty you intended to work with may not always be available. If you are in the PhD program, you should determine the direction of your proposed specialties (fields) as soon as possible so that you can plan coursework and seminar papers to help you prepare for field exams and the dissertation proposal.

Use the academic calendar, and our list of important deadlines to keep track of when to do what. If you are doing a thesis or dissertation, make sure you check the guidelines both on the A&H web site and those set by the Office of Graduate Education.

The rules and regulations for your degree and degree plan are explained in the Catalog. The catalog in force the semester you started a program governs your situation.

Make sure you (will) have finished all requirements by the end of the semester you plan to graduate, ask the Graduate Advisor (MA) or the Graduate Coordinator (PhD) to make you eligible to apply for graduation and then apply by the posted deadline. A helpful Graduation checklist is available here. Make sure to check your UTD email regularly for updates and information about graduation, commencement, and diplomas. Information about diploma names and distribution is available here.

Other forms and pages:
Graduate Dean, forms
Registrar, forms

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