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Nevada Teacher Corps summer jobs

Our final Nevada Teacher Corps application deadline is April 30th, and we’re excited to soon welcome a new group of Fellows coming to teach in Las Vegas schools. Our program is specifically designed for individuals without a background in education who are searching for an opportunity to make an impact in our most underserved communities. We’re looking for candidates from all majors!

As an educator yourself, I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me identify some of your students who could be exceptional future educators one last time!  Would you be able to pass the information below on to your students? We’ve had 2019 Fellows applicants from University of Texas at Dallas and would love to add a few more before our pre-service training program begins on May 28.

Please feel free to give out my email address and direct people to our website. We also have an informational NTC one-pager that can be shared or displayed for potential applicants to review.

Thanks so much for your support this year!


Kate Batch
Recruitment Associate
Nevada Teacher Corps

After graduation, how will you launch a high-impact career?

Nevada Teacher Corps trains recent college grads to become exceptional, certified elementary school teachers in Las Vegas. After successful completion of summer training, Fellows begin teaching in the 2019-2020 school year, earning a full salary and benefits while receiving direct coaching, licensure coursework, and support.

LEARN MORE AND APPLY before our final April 30th deadline.


Summer 2019 Deadlines

Summer 2019 deadlines

N.B.:  All proposals must be submitted as a Word-compatible email attachment sent to alice.presti@utdallas.edu . All signature pages must be submitted in hard copy.

May 1
Independent Study registration deadline – summer

May 15
Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, Casebooks, and Dissertations due in the A & H Office (for GSC consideration on 30 May  (This is the only submission date for M.A. students wishing to graduate in the Summer 2019 semester. Enrollment in the Summer or Fall semester is required for all submissions.)

May 21
The last day for regular registration
May 21
Last day for submission of final draft of dissertations to all members of the supervising committee. Doctoral students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.
May 28
Last day for submission of final draft of portfolios and theses to all members of the supervising committee. Master’s students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.
June 11
Graduation applications dueJune 21
Last day to request oral defense of portfolios, theses, and dissertations.

July 5
Last day to hold oral defense of portfolios, theses, and dissertations.

For additional university deadlines for dissertations and theses, see information from the Office of Graduate Education’s website.

July 26
Last day for final submission of portfolio (to the A&H Office).

Independent studies registration deadline – Fall


Links to: Summer 2019 Academic Calendar & Summer 2019 course schedule

Contact Information:

  • Pia Jakobsson, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, graduate advisor (pia.jakobsson@utdallas.edu): Program information and advising, registration for organized courses, holds, academic probation and MA graduation application activation
  • Alice Presti, Graduate Coordinator, presti@utdallas.edu: field exams, defenses, independent study registration, portfolio, thesis, and dissertation proposals, Ph.D. graduation application activation, registration for dissertation hours (email request).
    • Registration for Independent Study: Students must supply a formatted reading list. The form and lists should be printed, and the student and the supervising professor need to sign the form. Then it can be scanned and emailed or dropped off in JO 4.510, completed.
  • Julia Maddox, Graduate Admissions Coordinator jxm171830@utdallas.edu: Foreign language exams, teaching assistantships (TA’s), Armstrong Fellowship applications, admissions applications

To request an official appointment with Pia, Alice, or Julia, click here.

Please send your email request from your UTD email account.  Due to FERPA and UTD policy, we are unable to reply to non-UTD email inquiries and requests.  It would also be helpful to include “Registration Request – Semester – 2019” in the subject field of your email.  This will avoid delays and oversights when it comes to time-sensitive registration requests.

After registration, please check in Orion that everything is as expected and refer to the academic calendar http://www.utdallas.edu/academiccalendar/ for changes, payments, and other deadlines. Note that it is the student’s responsibility to confirm enrollment and withdrawal to avoid late fees or other penalties.

Alumna performance

Dear UTD Professors and Colleagues-

I am a recent master’s graduate from UTD in Arts & Humanities and I have a wonderful project that I would like to share with all of you.  I began a Fine Arts program at a local private Islamic school about 4 years ago and this weekend we are very excited to be performing an experimental absurdist theater piece by Egyptian playwright, Alfred Farag at the Dallas Museum of Art in the Horchow Auditorium in conjunction with both their Egyptian and Kier collection.  It is a piece that I believe deserves scholarly recognition and Brighter Horizons Academy has many student’s at UTD currently and as alumni.  We would love your or any of your student’s presence.

Details are attached in the link below.  The 35 minute performance will be followed by a short Q and A.  It is FREE to the public.

Performance: Sunday Feb. 3rd at 3pm
Dallas Museum of Art – Horchow Auditorium 


Thank you very much for your time,

Kristin Colaneri

Fine Arts Instructor/Coordinator
Brighter Horizons Academy

Literature Tutor with ESL Support Needed in Dallas

We work with New Oasis International Education, to provide tutoring to international students. I’m looking for a tutor for a New Oasis student who needs help with her 10th grade literature class and some ESL support

Tutoring location: at school or at host family (host family address: xxxx Longfellow Dr. Dallas, TX 75230)

How many hours per session: 1.5 hours per week, 28.5 hours in total

Schedule available: The school is hoping ideally the tutor could go to campus for tutoring, and they are hoping to get a sense of the tutor’s schedule to see if they could fit it into the student’s class schedule; if not, she will be available for in-home tutoring at host family every weekday between 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm except Tuesday.
Rate: $30.00/Hour

Best regards,

Idalia Gastelum
Parliament Ed, Program Coordinator


Tel 877.873.0511
Fax 888.260.4765

Job – contract writer

Seeking full-time contract writer for a year-long marketing project, writing long-form content for colleges and universities. Our ideal candidate has:

  • An engaging writing style
  • Some experience with SEO (we do white hat, no keyword stuffing around here!)
  • Professional writing experience, including content for digital audiences
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Higher education experience preferred (meaning you understand how academic programs work)

This will be a quick-hire situation, so if you’re interested please hop on it. Just send your questions and your resume to robin.myrick@academicpartnerships.com, preferably by the end of business on Monday, January 28th.  Thanks A&H grads!

Robin Myrick, MFA
SEO Writer, Content Marketing
600 N. Pearl St, Suite 900
South Tower
Dallas, TX 75201
P: 214-210-3997

On focus

To focus is hard when there are distractions everywhere, but graduate work requires predictable and extended focus. Here are some suggestions for tools and practices that can help:

  • Divide each project in smaller pieces so you know what you are supposed to accomplish in each step. Make a list (or several) and check things off to see yourself making progress.
  • Do one thing at a time. Multitasking is not efficient and trains your brain to look for distractions.
  • Remove external distractions (close your email and other unnecessary browser windows, turn off your phone and close the door)
  • Schedule time to read and write on your calendar and then keep your appointments with yourself. Learn what the minimum chunk of time is that you need to get work done (if the chunk is too short, it is difficult to remember where you are and get into the work). Learn what the maximum chunk of time is that you can stay productive (and remember it might depend on what you are doing).  Regular shorter chunks of time tend to be more useful than rare and very long ones (if it is a month before your next “appointment” you will have forgotten what you did the last time).

  • If you have a longer period of time set aside, make room for short breaks – to get more coffee, go to the restroom, play a round of candy-crush, or check your email – but set a time limit, maybe with a timer.
  • Consider finding some music that does not distract you, but gives you a good rhythm to work with. Instrumental music often works best, but lyrics in a language you do not understand can also work.
  • Practice focus regularly, by forcing yourself to finish smaller projects (reading a whole article rather than just the headlines, ironing or folding all the laundry or doing all the dishes rather than just a small portion).
  • Eat, sleep, and exercise – taking care of your body will help your mind.

ADD your suggestions in the comments.



Forest – an app that “disables” your phone to grow a tree while you work on other things http://auroragambit.wixsite.com/gambit/single-post/2016/12/20/How-to-not-look-at-your-phone-while-doing-homework

Headspace – a meditation app that helps you practice focus https://www.headspace.com/?ref=producthunt



Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel

Frédéric Chopin – Nocturnes

Erik Satie – Gymnopédies

John Williams – plays Bach (or almost anything else)

Spring 2019 deadlines

Deadlines for Proposals, Defenses, and Final Submissions

Please note: All proposals should be submitted to your individual committee members for their approval at least one week before the submission deadline. (Earlier submission to the committee is strongly advised.) Otherwise, you cannot expect faculty members to read and approve drafts in time to meet deadlines.

All proposals must be submitted as a Word-compatible email attachment sent to Alice Salazar Presti. All signature pages must be submitted in hard copy.

Spring 2019

January 2 Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A&H Office (for GSC consideration on 16 January). (This is the last date for Proposals from students expecting to graduate in the Spring semester.)
January 4 Last day to submit completed and signed form (with reading list) for independent study
January 23 Applications for Graduation due online (contact Pia for MA, Alice for PhD).
February 1 Teaching Assistant Applications due (submit to Julia Maddox).
February 6 Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A&H Office (for GSC consideration on 20 February). (Students submitting Proposals on this date will graduate in summer or later semesters.)
February 26 Last day for submission of final draft of Dissertations to all members of the supervising committee. Doctoral students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.
March 12 Last day for submission of final draft of Portfolios and Theses to all members of the supervising committee. Master’s students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.
March 26 Last day to request oral defense of Portfolios, Theses, & Dissertations.
March 27 Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A&H Office (for GSC consideration on 10 April). (Students submitting Proposals on this date will graduate in spring or later terms.)
April 9 Last day to hold oral defense of Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations.
April 23 Last day to upload Dissertation for final review by Graduate Studies Office.

Last day to upload thesis for review by Graduate Studies Office.

April 30 Last day for final submission of Portfolios (to the A&H office).
Last day to receive approval of final version of Theses by Graduate Studies Office.
TBA Doctoral Hooding Ceremony & Spring Commencement.

For general University deadlines, see the Academic Calendar. For deadlines pertaining to the Office of Graduate Studies, see here.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, University of Kentucky


The Lewis Honors College at the University of Kentucky is currently seeking a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer for a nine-month appointment, non-tenure track position. This position will be responsible for teaching six courses per academic year (typically three per semester) of Honors-level courses at the undergraduate level. One course (two sections per semester) will be the Foundations Seminar and one course per semester will be an Honors course in the Lecturer’s discipline.

The Foundations Seminar will be taken by all Lewis Honors College students and will be an intensive, interdisciplinary seminar that will emphasize the development of analytical reading, writing, and speaking skills through the lens of examining the relationship of the individual to society. Students will examine human thought and imagination from various perspectives, including philosophy, history, literature, science, religion, and art. The course will pay particular attention to how the main branches of academic inquiry-humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and arts and creativity-address the relationship between individuals and the social worlds in which they find themselves.

The Lecturer position may include responsibilities for special programs on an as-needed basis. Typically, the distribution of effort will be 75% teaching, 18% program administration, 5% research/scholarship, and 2% professional development.

Please include a CV and cover letter along with application. In addition, please include the names and contact information for three references when prompted in the application. This information may be used to solicit reference letters within the employment system.

Applications will be reviewed beginning January 4th, 2019, and continue until the position is filled.

Summer Teaching Positions w the Institute of Reading Development

Rewarding & Enjoyable Summer Teaching Jobs

Teach Reading Classes to Students of All Ages

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2019

The Institute of Reading Development offers summer reading skills programs in partnership with the continuing education departments of more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide. Each year we hire hard-working, encouraging people with a passion for reading to teach our summer programs.

As an Institute teacher you will:

  • Earn more than $6,000 in one summer. Our full-time teachers typically earn $500-$700 per week.
  • Improve your teaching skills and confidence during our comprehensive, paid training program.
  • Gain over 400 hours of classroom teaching experience with a variety of age groups from 4-year-olds to adults.
  • Help your students become successful readers with a love of great books.

We are seeking applicants from any academic discipline. All applicants must have an undergraduate degree or higher in their field before the start of our teaching season.

Successful Institute teachers:

  • Have strong reading skills and read for pleasure
  • Are responsible and hard-working, with good communication and organizational skills
  • Will be patient and supportive with students

Sound like you? Learn more about teaching for us and apply today: Summer Teaching Jobs