Literature Tutor with ESL Support Needed in Dallas

We work with New Oasis International Education, to provide tutoring to international students. I’m looking for a tutor for a New Oasis student who needs help with her 10th grade literature class and some ESL support

Tutoring location: at school or at host family (host family address: xxxx Longfellow Dr. Dallas, TX 75230)

How many hours per session: 1.5 hours per week, 28.5 hours in total

Schedule available: The school is hoping ideally the tutor could go to campus for tutoring, and they are hoping to get a sense of the tutor’s schedule to see if they could fit it into the student’s class schedule; if not, she will be available for in-home tutoring at host family every weekday between 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm except Tuesday.
Rate: $30.00/Hour

Best regards,

Idalia Gastelum
Parliament Ed, Program Coordinator

Tel 877.873.0511
Fax 888.260.4765

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