Book editing help requested

I am a Dallas author, historical researcher, and lecturer seeking a graduate English student to perform editing and bibliography and footnote formatting for my latest book on the Historical Jesus. I have published articles on this and related topics in the journal Religion and the Journal of Ecumenical Studies. Also, I have presented lectures on the Historical Jesus at the University of Texas at Austin and North Texas University.

This most interesting, unique book is about 150 pages in length and is in final manuscript form. It looks at the Historical Jesus from the point of view of the Ancient Jewish Mystical Tradition, The Kabbalah.

Some of my other business oriented books can be found on Amazon: Inclusive Capitalism, What It Looks Like in Practice and The Quick Guide to Employee Motivation.

I am offering $12/hour for the work. Students interested in this opportunity can reach me at 972-412-0090 or I would be pleased to meet with interested applicants at your University.

I thank you and look forward to hearing from you regarding whether you think University of Texas English grad students might be interested in doing this assignment. If you think a job posting describing this job would be appropriate, let me know, and I will provide same.

Best regards.
Leonard C. Scott

Job – tutor for Frog Tutoring

Frog Tutoring is a tutoring company that is starting to see a significant boom in clientele in Dallas. Unfortunately, we don’t quite have the numbers to meet the demand.

We currently have several UT Dallas students who are in desperate need of tutors! Could you help us out? We are looking for students that are passionate and knowledgeable about teaching and learning. I’ve included a job description and a benefits overview below.

All Frog Tutoring tutors will meet with assigned students to provide one-on-one private tutoring for subject matters in their areas of expertise. Tutors are to serve as a guide and coach to assist their students to become a successful, independent learner while integrating effective study and learning strategies to maximize the student’s potential for academic progress. Ultimately, it is the tutor’s responsibility to motivate students to want to learn, achieve, and be self-motivated.

Why Work For Frog Tutoring?
1. Flexibility
2. Tutors will choose which grade levels and subjects to tutor.
3. Tutors will create their own work schedule.
4. As long as tutors work the minimum amount of hours a week, they can work as many hours as they like.
5. Driving Compensation Depending on the distance, tutors will be compensated for driving over a certain mileage.
6. Bonuses Tutors who constantly receive high tutor rankings will be eligible for periodic bonuses.
7. Incentives & Acknowledgement (Hard work does not go unnoticed!!!)
8. Tutor of the month: Every month the Regional Coordinator from each region will submit one tutor to be selected as the tutor of the month. This tutor will have their name and photo posted on the corporate page of the website as well as our Facebook page. Not only will they receive public acknowledgement and a certificate, the tutor of the month will receive “special prize” which will vary each month.
9. Tutor Referral Program during our “busy” season
10. During times when there is a high need for tutors, current tutors will receive a bonus for every person referred and hired that are qualified to tutor in high demand subjects.

If this position interests you, please apply online at:

Thank You,

LaQuesia Gorins
Hiring Manager At FrogTutoring, LLC

Phone: (817) 717-7235 I Fax: (877) 904-0134 I Skype: FrogTutoring5 I I

Teach English in Barcelona

TEFL Iberia is an English teacher training school based in Barcelona that runs monthly TEFL courses for English speakers who are looking to teach English and travel. The school is externally validated by Trinity College London and also rated as one of the top TEFL schools in Spain, according to previous graduate reviews and feedback.

This could be a potential opportunity for students who have a passion for language, would like an additional qualification and may be looking for summer work / travel options.

We had a very positive response last year from Texas graduates and undergraduates and it would be great to repeat this again in 2018.

TEFL Iberia poster18

If you’d like to learn more about the school in Barcelona please feel free to check out our website: