Fall 2016 Graduate Travel Grants

Dear A&H Graduate Students:

Thanks to support from Graduate Dean Marion Underwood and A&H Dean Dennis Kratz, the School of Arts & Humanities faculty is able to encourage graduate students to present their scholarly or creative work at professional conferences, symposia, and workshops. To that end, the School will award 6 to -8 travel grants of up to $350 for presentations delivered in the United States during the Fall 2016 semester. These grants take the form of reimbursement for travel expenses.

Graduate students who have applied to participate or have been accepted to participate in a professional conference, symposium, or workshop should submit the attached application by Monday, October 31, 2016. Every graduate student applying for a travel grant must complete a hard copy of the “Travel Authorization Form” available from Lisa Lyles in the Dean’s Suite (JO 4.510). They should then return that form to Ms. Lyles. (NOTE: Please do not complete the indemnification and medical forms unless you are indeed awarded funds.)

Graduate students should also save proof of their expenditures for lodging and conference registration fees. (University regulations generally do not permit reimbursement of airfare.) The Graduate Studies Committee, or GSC, will make its decision giving priority to academic record, seniority in graduate program, relation of presentation to final project (e.g., dissertation, portfolio, or thesis), selectivity of conference, and degree of participation in conference.

Students may receive travel grants only twice in their graduate career.

Please forward any question or concerns about the application process to Associate Dean John Gooch (john.gooch@utdallas.edu).

Please e-mail the completed form as a Word-compatible attachment to john.gooch@utdallas.edu.

Thank you.


John Gooch
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
School of Arts & Humanities


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