Robert S Nelsen Scholarship

Nominations are now being taken for candidates to receive the Robert Nelsen  Scholarship in Creative Writing. The award is available to any student, presently enrolled on a full or part-time basis and seeking a degree in the School of Arts and Humanities and who has a demonstrated interest or is active in creative writing. The award is competitive and will be made each year. Amounts of the award will vary. Awardees will be selected by a committee appointed by the Dean of Arts and Humanities.

Nominations may be made by any faculty member or students may nominate themselves. The award is based on considerations of both need and merit.

Nominees must complete a form (attached) and submit the form to Dr. John Gooch, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies,, , by July 15. Application forms may be submitted in hard or electronic copy or via FAX, but they must be signed. In future, the dates for nomination deadline will occur earlier in the academic year. Multiple awards may be made in any given year. Notification of awardees will be announced on or before the commencement of the Fall 2016 term; in future, announcements will be made sooner in the academic year.

Please do not by shy about self-nomination or about nominating a worthy candidate.

Note: Student who are already receiving the maximum financial aid via TAships, scholarships, fellowships, grants, or other institutional awards are not eligible for this scholarship. Students who are not successful in their bid for this award may apply in subsequent years without prejudice.

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