Summer 2016 deadlines

N.B.:  All proposals should be submitted to your individual committee members for their approval at least one week before the submission deadline. (Earlier submission to the committee is strongly advised.)  Otherwise, you cannot expect faculty members to read and approve drafts in time to meet deadlines.

All proposals must be submitted as a Word-compatible email attachment sent to . All signature pages must be submitted in hard copy.

18 May
Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A & H Office (for GSC consideration on 1 June).

(This is the only submission date for M.A. students wishing to graduate in the Summer 2016 semester. Enrollment in Summer or Fall semester is required for all submissions.)

27 May
Last day for submission of final draft of dissertations to all members of the supervising committee.  Doctoral students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.

3 June
Applications for Graduation due

10 June
Last day for submission of final draft of portfolios and theses to all members of the supervising committee.  M.A. students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.

24 June – 12:00 noon
Last day for requests for oral defense of dissertations, theses, and portfolios

8 July
Last day for defense of dissertations, theses, and portfolios

22 July – 12:00 noon
Last day for final submissions of dissertations to Office of Graduate Dean

29 July
Last day for final submissions of theses (to the Office of the Graduate Dean) and portfolios  (to the A & H Office)

Compass Alternative Teacher Certification

Dallas ISD Compass Alternative Certification Teacher Academy is looking for outstanding individuals to become part of the Compass Intern cohort, an alternative route teacher certification program. The Compass program is a highly-selective program that trains talented graduates to become high performing teachers for Dallas students who need them most.

We realize that many graduating students are beginning to think about their post college career. As  someone who works closely with some of our nation’s brightest and most ambitious college students, the simplest and most effective way to help seniors and alumni explore the Compass program is through you and your staff.

Please take three minutes to:

  • Forward the email below to your students, faculty and department list serves. To be eligible to apply, a bachelor’s degree is required, but an education degree is not.
  • Refer your students and alumni to our website,, to apply to teach or help share information about this opportunity.
  • Refer students and alumni who you think will be a great teacher by sharing their contact information here: refer a teacher form.  We’ll contact them directly with more information about the program and answer any questions they have.

Incentives to becoming an intern with Compass include:

  • A salary starting at $50,000.
  • A bilingual stipend of $3,000 (for bilingual teachers only)
  • The opportunity to grow professionally and earn up to $90,000 as a Master Teacher under the Teacher Excellence Initiative
  • In addition to your salary, DISD offers a generous and comprehensive benefits package to teachers, including medical, dental, life insurance, and paid vacation time
  • Dallas is a fantastic dynamic, and diverse place to live and work!
  • Most importantly—a chance to make a real difference in the lives of students who need it most

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have.  Thank you, in advance, for your help and for your time.

Warm Regards,

Dominique McCain

Senior Talent Leader, Compass Alternative Certification

Dallas ISD

Part Time Job – Frog Tutoring

FrogTutoring is an educational technology platform that facilitate 1-on-1 private tutoring offering the full range of academic courses and test prep. Our company has been featured on CNN and other media outlets.

We’re looking to hire some of your students to work not just as tutors but also as mentors to students in the community. We have found that  when students (K – 12 & College) are tutored by college students, then they will be more receptive and enthusiastic about the subject. I think this will be a great opportunity for your students to encourage and engage local youths, and enhance their resume while making $$$$$$.

Great pay- Minimum of $30 per session, tutor chooses which grade level and subjects to tutor, as well as having the opportunity to create  their own schedule, get driving compensation, periodic bonus and referral bonus.


How to apply:

Learn More:
Can you please help us out and forwarding this to all your students so those who are interested can apply? If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My information is listed below. Thank you!

LaQuesia Gorins

Hiring Manager at FrogTutoring, LLC
Office: (817) 717 7235 I Fax: (877) 904 0134 | | Skype: FrogTutoring5

Sundress Academy for the Arts 2016 Summer Poetry Writing Retreat

Sundress Publications is pleased to let you know about its Summer Poetry Writing Retreat, which runs from Friday, May 27th to Sunday, May 29th, 2016.

Below you will find a press release detailing the event. The event will be open to writers of all backgrounds and provide an opportunity to work with many talented, published fiction writers from around the country, including Gerry LaFemina and Karyna McGlynn.

Space in this workshop can be reserved at:!

Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel might enjoy the Summer Poetry Writing Retreat, and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Lindsey Lucas

Editorial Intern, Sundress Publications

http://www.sundresspublications.comPoetry Retreat 2016 Press Release