For first timers on the job market

An article at Chronicle Vitae by Karen Kelsky, “academic career coach at “The Professor is In.”

She enumerates “some of the many things that you can expect as a first-timer on the faculty market,” starting with:

  • You can expect the competition to be fierce. In many fields you may find very, very few tenure-track openings for which you can apply. In certain humanities fields, the number of positions advertised over the course of the entire job cycle in 2015-16 may be in the single digits.
  • You can expect to receive little or no acknowledgment of your applications from departments. You may well never be told that you have been removed from consideration.
  • You can expect to depend on the Jobs Wiki for information on the progress of searches.
  • You can expect to be competing against people with many years of teaching and publishing experience, including some tenure-track assistant professors. Some of them will have an advantage over you.
  • You can expect to be competitive, even as a first timer (and/or as an A.B.D.), if you have an impressive record of sole/first-author peer-reviewed publishing and experience teaching on your own (as opposed to a TA gig). You will also need to have presented papers at major conferences and have excellent recommendation letters.

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