English teaching position – Hockaday

Job Title: US English Teacher, 2015-16 School Year

Job Description: The Hockaday School is seeking an Upper School English teacher to join the faculty of its English Department. The primary goal of the English Department at The Hockaday School is to develop students to be critical readers, writers, and thinkers who read literature to understand their self and place in the world and write authentically for a variety of audiences and purposes. To accomplish these goals, English teachers embrace a student-centered pedagogy, which involves both conferring with students individually and facilitating collaborative writing workshops to promote confidence and skills in writing.

Qualified candidates will possess a mastery of subject, versatility in the classroom, and commitment to the success of their students. They will be passionate about the literature they teach, and, because they themselves enjoy writing, they will instill this enthusiasm in their students. Knowledgeable in global, British, and American literature, facile in situating literature in an interdisciplinary context, and as comfortable with research and rhetoric as they are with narrative, ideal candidates will be proficient in teaching at all levels in the Upper School. Finally, qualified candidates will embrace the Tenets of Faculty Excellence by being lifelong learners, striving for continual professional development. In addition to teaching responsibilities, the teacher will serve as an Advisor, sponsor clubs as needed, and be available for student extracurricular activities.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • An advanced degree in English or the Humanities.
  • Experience teaching a range of levels in US English.
  • Familiarity with contemporary composition theory and twenty-first century forms of literacy
  • An understanding of the pedagogies of the writing workshop, with experience in a writing center a plus.
  • A commitment to the ideals expressed in the Tenets of Faculty Excellence document.
  • A commitment to being a supportive and energetic colleague and mentor.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest, statement of teaching philosophy, and all college transcripts (unofficial acceptable) to        Recruitment @hockaday.org.

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