ALTA travel fellowships

ALTA Travel Fellowships

Each year, between four and six $1,000 fellowships are awarded to emerging (unpublished or minimally published) translators to help them pay for hotel and travel expenses to the annual ALTA conference.

At the conference, ALTA Fellows are invited to read their translated work at a keynote event, giving them an opportunity to present their translations to an audience of translators, authors, and publishers from around the world.

ALTA Travel Fellowships are funded by a combination of member dues and private donations, often generously given by established translators and other devoted supporters of the craft and art of literary translation. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support this important program, please contact Managing Director Erica Mena at

Find out more about past Fellows and what they translated by clicking on the links below.

2013 Winners<>
2012 Winners<> 2011 Winners<> 2010 Winners<> 2009 Winners<> 2008 Winners<>

Applications must include:

*   a cover letter explaining your interest in attending the conference

*   current CV / resumé

*   up to 10 pages of translated work (poetry or prose, double spaced)

*   the corresponding original language text

Sean Cotter

Associate Professor of Literature and Literary Translation The University of Texas at Dallas


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