Translation contest



Would you like to be published alongside translations by Lawrence Venuti, Lydia Davis, and Susan Bernofsky? Would you like your work seen and judged by Eliot Weinberger and Howard Goldblatt? Most importantly, is there an untranslated or little-translated writer that you are desperately,maddeningly determined to bring to the attention of the English-speaking world?

Then submit to “Close Approximations,” Asymptote’s first ever translation contest! Thanks to your generous support of our IndieGogo campaign, we can make it worth your while: the winner of each category will receive 1,000 USD, as well as the opportunity to publish with Asymptote.

So polish up that desk drawer full of worked-over and scribbled-on manuscripts. The deadline is September 1st, 2013. For more information and contest rules, check out our guidelines here:

Sean Cotter

Associate Professor of Literature and Literary Translation The University of Texas at Dallas


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