Help us share your accomplisments – redux

Dear graduate students,

I know it was not long ago I asked you to share your accomplishments, and we used the information we got for statistical purposes. Now we are working on getting a website up with information about what you all have done and are doing, so we can collect long term data and so we can share your accomplishments with the rest of the world.

Pretty please go to the page below and fill out your information – one post for each conference/publication/event/appointment/performance/other.

We want everything you have done in the last two years (i.e. from Fall 2011). The nifty software will then compile the information for us and for a web page listing of your exploits so the world (your professors, employers, colleagues and future students) can see what you do and have done.

We really want this information to be as complete as possible, and we really do want to brag about you – thank you for your participation!


P.S. since we are trying to reach out to alumni too, please feel free to repost, forward, or retweet to other current and former UTD students.

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