CentralTrak Lecture April 18 at 7 pm

April 18, 2013 at 7 p.m.
NEXT TOPIC: CentralTrak’s Lecture Series will host a panel discussion on ‘Art Writing & Art Criticism in Texas’, addressing:
Why ‘Art Criticism’? Do we need it?
Is there a clear mission for art writing, criticism, or the role of the critic?
What’s the role of expertise in writing art criticism? Does the art critic need training in art?
What’s the difference between art criticism and art reporting?
What is the art critics’s part in shaping an art scene?
How is social media and citizen journalism affecting the domain of ‘Art Criticism’?
What is the present condition of ‘Art Criticism’ in Dallas?
Frances Colpitt is the Deedie Potter Rose Chair of Art History at TCU and a specialist in contemporary art, theory and criticism.
Charles Dee Mitchell is a freelance writer and a contributor to The Dallas Observer, The Dallas Morning News, and Art in America.
Peter Simek is the arts editor for D Magazine, where he manages, edits, and serves as the primary movie critic and reporter for FrontRow.
Charissa Terranova is Assistant Professor of Aesthetic Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas. She is a scholarly writer and freelance curator and critic working both nationally and internationally.
Jerome Weeks is the Art & Seek producer-reporter for KERA and a professional critic for more than two decades.
‘NEXT TOPIC’ is a bi-weekly lecture series at CentralTrak Artists Residency and Gallery that aims to foster critical discussions on contemporary art issues among Dallas artists, thinkers, critics, educators, theorist, and shapers across DFW area.http://www.centraltrak.net/portfolios/nexttopic/

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