CentralTrak Lectures Spring 2013

SPRING 2013:

March 21, 7-9 pm:
Artist and curator Nathan Green, artist and UTD Professor John Pomara, and artist and educator Kim Camdus Owens will discuss issues surrounding CentralTrak’s current exhibition ‘Failing Flat: Sculptural Tendencies in Painting,‘ a group exhibition of paintings that exist in a dual state of objecthood and the pictorial, featuring the work of Ivin Ballen, T.J. Donovan, Faith Gay, and Shane Tolbert, curated by Nathan Green.

April 4 , 7-9 pm:
Rebecca Carter
Artist Talk

April 18, 7-9 pm:
Fran Colpitt, Dee Mitchell, Peter Simek, Charissa Terranova
on ‘Art Writing & Art Criticism in Texas’

May 2, 7-9 pm:
Richard Patterson, Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Peter Doroshenko
on ‘Creating an Art Community/Scene’


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