ATEC Connect Panel on Friday at noon

Dear ATEC graduate students and faculty:

We would like to invite you to ATEC.CONNECT for a panel discussion about career possibilities for ATEC graduate students following graduation.  Chip Wood and others will talk about topics such as:

* What types of job positions are there?

* Which firms or types of firms are hiring ATEC graduate students?

* What makes students especially attractive candidates for employers?

* For which skill sets are employers looking?

* Does it matter to employers in industry which graduate degree a student earns?

* How much pertinent experience is needed to accompany the degree?

Please plan to join us from noon to 1:30 p.m. (or which ever times you can attend) on Friday, March 22, 2013, in the ATEC Conference Room.  Bring your lunch if you want.

All faculty and graduate students are welcome and encouraged to attend the sessions of ATEC Connect; therefore, please spread the word! We appreciate your support and count on your participation.  Also, if you’re available and interested to discuss your work or research in March or April, or if you have any suggestions–or simply want to help!–, please email or

Mona Kasra & John Kay



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