Critical Voices Conference, March 22

Hello, my name is Christopher Beard. I am a Doctoral Fellow in Poetry at UNT, as well as Treasurer of the Graduate Students in English Association (GSEA), and I am contacting you to encourage you and your colleagues to attend and participate in our annual conference: “The Literary and the Critical: Poetics and the Politics of Writing in the 21st Century.”

I know all too well how busy life in academia can get in mid-semester, but I hope you’ll consider taking advantage of this chance to build our regional literary community. These small, affordable local conferences serve as great opportunities for us to practice presenting our work and allow us to network with other grad programs in the region. This event is a simple and convenient way to expand your experience level, and if you present a paper or panel, it’s an easy way to add a line to your CV. We have already received a number of promising submissions from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Please do share this message with your colleagues, and please submit some of your own work. You can visit the Critical Voices Facebook Page or view our attached call for papers if you would like more info. I hope you’ll forward this message to faculty and students alike, and I hope we see you in March!

Christopher Beard
Doctoral Fellow (Poetry)
GSEA Treasurer
University of North Texas


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