Jobs listings through Versatile PhD

Versatile PhD is a site/community specifically oriented toward “helping graduate students and PhDs envision, prepare for, and excel in non-academic careers.”

They have a variety of resources, including job postings. October postings include:

  • English, Journalism, Communications people: Writer at Harvard University Press.
  • Library Science people: see Library Scientist at a financial technology firm in Massachusetts.
  • Ed & Ed Tech people: check out Research Fellow at an E-Learning nonprofit in California.
  • Historians, Americanists, Education people: you could be Education Program Coordinator at a historical house museum in the Midwest.

Links to each are here.


Fall 2016 Graduate Travel Grants

Dear A&H Graduate Students:

Thanks to support from Graduate Dean Marion Underwood and A&H Dean Dennis Kratz, the School of Arts & Humanities faculty is able to encourage graduate students to present their scholarly or creative work at professional conferences, symposia, and workshops. To that end, the School will award 6 to -8 travel grants of up to $350 for presentations delivered in the United States during the Fall 2016 semester. These grants take the form of reimbursement for travel expenses.

Graduate students who have applied to participate or have been accepted to participate in a professional conference, symposium, or workshop should submit the attached application by Monday, October 31, 2016. Every graduate student applying for a travel grant must complete a hard copy of the “Travel Authorization Form” available from Lisa Lyles in the Dean’s Suite (JO 4.510). They should then return that form to Ms. Lyles. (NOTE: Please do not complete the indemnification and medical forms unless you are indeed awarded funds.)

Graduate students should also save proof of their expenditures for lodging and conference registration fees. (University regulations generally do not permit reimbursement of airfare.) The Graduate Studies Committee, or GSC, will make its decision giving priority to academic record, seniority in graduate program, relation of presentation to final project (e.g., dissertation, portfolio, or thesis), selectivity of conference, and degree of participation in conference.

Students may receive travel grants only twice in their graduate career.

Please forward any question or concerns about the application process to Associate Dean John Gooch (

Please e-mail the completed form as a Word-compatible attachment to

Thank you.


John Gooch
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
School of Arts & Humanities

Folger Institute Scholarly Programs – Skills Course Spring 17

A Folger Orientation to Research Methods and Agendas
Late Spring Intensive Skills Course

The best research is inquiry based and allows for serendipity. A scholar needs to sharpen research questions and search skills simultaneously and with sensitivity to the ways questions and sources affect each other. The available evidence may invite a new thesis, require a revised approach, or even suggest a new field of exploration. This intensive week is not designed to advance participants’ individual research projects. Rather, it aims to cultivate a habit of curiosity into primary sources with exercises that engage participants’ research interests. It is offered to help early-stage graduate students develop a set of research-oriented literacies as they explore the Folger’s rich collections. With the guidance of visiting faculty and Folger staff, up to two dozen participants will examine bibliographical tools and their logics, hone their early modern book description skills, and improve their understanding of the cultural and technological histories of texts. Participants will ask reflexive questions about the nature of primary sources, the collections that house them, and the tools whereby one can access them.

Schedule: Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., May 8 – 12, 2017.

Apply: January 17, 2017 for admission and grants-in-aid. This skills course is intended for students in the early years of graduate work. In addition to following the general application guidelines, applicants for this course should describe a research question, the motivating reason to look to primary sources to answer this question, and any previous experience with early modern materials. This skills course may be taken for one credit of independent graduate study; if a participant is able to arrange for one graduate credit on the home campus under the direction of an on-campus advisor, the Institute will certify participation.

Abrams Dissertation Research Travel Award

Dear Faculty and Doctoral Students,

In July of 2015, the Dorfman & Kivowitz families made a donation to the School of A&H in recognition of their grandparents, Dorothy and Herman Abrams. Herman Abrams, now deceased, was once a graduate student in Arts & Humanities who earned a master’s degree from our program. The donation not only commemorates his receiving an advanced degree from A&H but also honors his widow, Dorothy, on her 100th birthday.  Last academic year, Ms. Toni Loftin, Ph.D. student under the direction of Dr. Monica Rankin (Associate Professor of Historical Studies), became the first recipient of this award.

This academic year, we will once again award $1,000 to one recipient who will then use this funding for travel associated with his or her dissertation research (e.g., archival research in another location). This money, however, cannot be used for travel to academic conferences. To be eligible, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be pursuing a Ph.D. in the School of Arts & Humanities.
  2. Applicants must have advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  3. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or international students.
  4. Applicants must plan to graduate after the Fall 2016 Semester.
  5. Applicants cannot receive more than one award from this program during the academic year.
  6. Recipients must sign a release form, in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), allowing UT Dallas to use application material for award purposes.
  7. Applicants must include a detailed budget as an appendix to the application.

Applicants must also provide an endorsement from their dissertation chair. A short e-mail to me from the chairperson expressing his or her support will suffice for this purpose.

Application form

The GSC will begin reviewing applications in early October, and we will announce the recipient on Friday, October 14th. The deadline for submission of applications is Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

Thank you. Please direct any concerns or inquiries directly to me at

John Gooch
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Writing Center Supervisor Open Position at UT Dallas

The position requires a Master’s degree; some of you in the doctoral program may be interested:

The UT Dallas Student Success Center is excited to be taking applications for its Writing Center Supervisor.  To read more about the position, click on this link:

We are making some exciting changes to grow the UT Dallas Writing Center and want a dynamic leader ready to take on a growing student population.  This position will supervise 3 full time staff members as well as student tutors.

Please feel free to email me with questions!


Julie C. Murphy
Director | Student Success Center
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Road, MC 24 | Richardson, TX 75080
MC 1.302 | (972) 883-6850


Fall 2016 Deadlines for Proposals, Submissions, and Defenses

Please note:  All proposals should be submitted to your individual committee members for their approval at least one week before the submission deadline. (Earlier submission to the committee is strongly advised.)  Otherwise, you cannot expect faculty members to read and approve drafts in time to meet deadlines.

All proposals must be submitted as an email attachment sent to All signature pages and proposals must be submitted in hard copy.

 August 10

Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A & H Office (for GSC consideration on 24 August).

(This is the last date for proposals from MA students expecting to graduate in the fall semester.)

August 30

Applications for Graduation due (please email Pia for MA or Alice for PhD, to activate application).

September 28

Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A & H Office  (for GSC consideration on 12 October).

(Students submitting proposals on this date will graduate in summer or later semesters.)

September 28

Last day for submission of final draft of dissertations to all members of the supervising committee.  Doctoral students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.

October 12

Last day for submission of final draft of portfolios or theses to all members of the supervising committee.  Master’s students who do not meet this deadline will not graduate this semester.

October 26

Last day to request oral defense of portfolios, theses, and dissertations. Requests for defenses of portfolios must be made to the A&H office. Requests for defenses of theses and dissertations must be made by 12:00 noon to the Office of the Graduate Dean, UTD.

November 2

Proposals for Portfolios, Theses, and Dissertations due in the A & H Office (for GSC consideration on 16 November).

(Students submitting proposals on this date will graduate in summer or later semesters.)

November 9

Last day to hold oral defense of portfolios, theses, and dissertations.

November 23

Last day for final submission of dissertations  (by 12 noon to the Office of the Graduate Dean).

November 30

Last day for final submission of theses (by 12 noon to the Office of the Graduate Dean) and portfolios (by 12 noon to the A & H office).

Trauma Debriefing Counseling at the Women’s Center

Counseling at the GWC is available for any student, staff or faculty member needing one-on-one processing around the recent shooting deaths in Dallas and our country. Feel free to contact 972-883-6555 to make an appointment or email us at Information about trauma, coping with crisis and tips for talking to children after traumatic events can be accessed through the Child Care & Life Resources link, accessible through your UT Dallas Galaxy portal, under My Menu.

Things you can do today!
* Check in on your peers, co-workers and colleagues, ask how they are doing.
* Report bias/hate incidents to any of our campus colleagues at – UT Dallas Police Department,, Dean of Students Office,, The Student Counseling Center,, UT Dallas Multicultural Center,, Title IX at UT Dallas,, Office of Diversity & Community Engagement,, Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance,
* Reach out if you need help!

  • Galerstein Women’s Center Staff

Princeton University Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2017-2020
Application postmark deadline: September 15, 2016
The Princeton Society of Fellows, an interdisciplinary group of scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and selected natural sciences, invites applications for the 2017-2020 fellowship competition.
Four fellowships will be awarded:
Open Fellowship in any discipline represented in the Society
Fellowship in Humanistic Studies
Fellowship in LGBT Studies
Fellowship in Race and/or Ethnicity Studies
Applicants may apply for one or more fellowship(s) pertinent to their research and teaching. Please see our website
( ) for eligibility, fellowship descriptions, application guidelines, and relevant disciplines. Hosted jointly by the Humanities Council and academic departments, Postdoctoral Fellows pursue their research, attend a weekly fellows’ seminar, and teach half time as Lecturers for a term of three years. In each of the first two years, Fellows
typically teach one course each semester. In their third year, Fellows teach only one  course while remaining in residence in Princeton.
The salary for 2017-2018 will be approximately $84,500. Fellows must reside in or near Princeton during the academic year. Non U.S. citizens may apply. Recipients of doctoral degrees in Education, Jurisprudence, and holders of Ph.D. degrees from Princeton University are not eligible. Candidates may apply only once to the Princeton Society of Fellows’ competition.
Selection is based on scholarly achievement and evidence of unusual promise; range and quality of teaching experience; and potential contributions to an interdisciplinary community. The Society of Fellows seeks a diverse and international pool of applicants and especially welcomes candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.
A candidate holding the Ph.D. at the time of application must have received the degree after January 1, 2015 . A candidate not yet holding the Ph.D. must have completed a substantial portion of the dissertation (approximately half) at the time of application, and include a letter from the department chair confirming such progress toward degree. Successful candidates must fulfill all requirements for the Ph.D., including filing of the dissertation, by June 15, 2017.
See website for details.
Candidates are asked to submit an online application form and to mail the complete dossier, postmarked by September 15, 2016, to:
Princeton University
Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts
Search Committee
10 Joseph Henry House
Princeton, NJ 08544
Princeton University is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable EEO and affirmative action regulations.